5 Recipes to Keep Count of Your Calories During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday where the calories come in like crazy and you often feel bloated and large afterwards. But, there’s always an answer for that sort of problem. And in this case it’s knowing the recipes are calorie-conscious while still delicious.

1. Sweet Potato Casserole (Makeover)

Try this scrumptious makeover of a Thanksgiving classic that errs on the healthy side.

2. Roast Turkey

This roast turkey is just as delicious as a normal one but cuts the calories and lets you eat as much as you want.

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Just as delicious as pumpkin pie, but healthier, less calories, and more decadent.

4. Sausage and Cheddar Stuffing

Step up your stuffing game with this flavorful stuffing and make sure you stay healthy while enjoying it.

5. Garlic Green Beans

Enjoy the healthiness of green beans with the flavor of garlic.


5 Sinful Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving might not be here yet, but it is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning that table spread that makes you look like you’re the best cook in the world.

Now, you can always go healthy to make sure you maintain that bikini body throughout the winter into the spring so you don’t have to workout really hard. But, I’ve never been in favor of that. I believe food needs to be decadent and delicious.

Which is exactly what I’m going to share with you. Try out these decadent recipes for Thanksgiving and don’t worry about the calories.

  1. Sous-Vide, Deep-Fried Turkey Porchetta (Turchetta)


    I’ve never been a fan of dry turkey and this is the perfect way to keep it nice and moist while adding just the perfect touch of decadence.

  2. Spiced Red Wine Cranberry Sauce


    This version of cranberry sauce swaps water for red wine and adds holiday spice in the form of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice.

  3. Mascarpone and Chive Twice Baked Potatoes


    Try this alternative to mashed potatoes that’s cheesy and vegetarian friendly.

  4. Roasted Glazed Sweet Potatoes


    Try this alternative to the sweet potato marshmallow casserole, it’s just as good and less likely to give you a heart attack.

  5. Salted Chocolate Pecan Pie


    Add chocolate to your pecan pie and you’ll have a decadent mix of chocolate and nuts with just a hint of salt to bring out the sweetness.

Another We’re Back Post ūüė©


We will not bore you with a detail of why we have been missing in action. Even though majority of the reason is because we have been focusing on RichlyBroke our online store. Hence it branched off from our blog. Naturally, we feel guilty not to still offer great frugal fab tips to where it all started.

We are back just in time to help you have a fab holiday season without over spending!

Fall into an Organized life.

Its that time when I have ¬†a “You have to get this ish together epiphany”. No more procrastinating ¬†no more excuses start now finish SOON.stuffhappen

For every Avenue in my life, my list of projects I want to complete, my home which doesn’t just needs tidying anymore it needs true organization.
My career,business goals, and of course this blog. I started out great slacked off and now have to do a jump start.
In my goal digger post I mentioned various ways to keep myself on track. I stopped writing  consistently and now we are here.

Here are some wonderful motivations to get me started. ¬†Sparkpeople.com¬†has a list you can work on for a month to get everything squared away. I myself do not want to nor will I organize and clean everyday – if it was up to me I would have a maid/Butler on hand. I will do a few things in one day once I get the spirit to clean I can knock out a few things just in case the next day I rather not do anything but relax or I’m completely busy.

Diyncrafts.com¬†has 150 simple inexpensive ways to organize ¬†everything in your home you know how it seems like it’s always nowhere to put your miscellaneous Items. Featuring items that can be found at the dollar store this is a must read. I have already completed my bathroom cabinet I’m proud.

My finances are always a work in progress. I still use piggy bank for my long term goal of owning a home/condo in a few years. Also still doing small investments. However, it seems like there is still more money going out then coming in.
So this December I will be going back to the elimination of cable (I really don’t watch it that much). Also might switch phone carriers or do a family plan with a family member cheaper then me spending almost 120 a month for my beloved true unlimited sprint service who barely works in my home.

With all of this I have seriously considered moving to a less expensive apt. While I do not live in a luxury apt it’s still a nice place and not as expensive as other rentals in DC. However, a small downgrade for saving a couple hundred a month would be very welcomed.
One step at a time.

Getting back to Consistency with my overall health. When it comes to working out I have my moments when I’m completely gung ho on working out, eating right, drinking adequate amounts of water limiting my alcohol intake ( we all know I love my drinks) ¬†for a few weeks and then next few weeks its out of the window. So instead of waiting to make a new years resolution. ¬†I’m starting now and ¬†will take it one day at a time.

 start now

The Frugalite and The princess ~ Macys Haul


So, I saved a nice amount of money. I have more time to work online as a VA since switching careers – which means more money, ecstatic!¬†More spending ….. not so ecstatic! That is exactly what I did increase my payment on some bills, purchased necessary house items, treated myself to some salon/spa services and then these random¬†shopping trips.

Almost daily my frugalite and Princess personality buttheads. The frugalite in me monitors how much I’m spending, puts money in savings, invest, and plans for the future so is happy every time I do not spend.

Well, a few weeks ago I went to macys thanks to a great sales associates who keeps me in the loop when a too good to pass up sale is happening. If you are familiar with Macy*s you know they famous for a sale very other week. While in reality they only have about 5-6 phenomenally deeply discounted  sales yearly and this was one of them.

So I knew  I wanted a pair of sandals, maybe a skirt or bcbg affirmations bracelets. Unfortunately, none of the bcbg bracelets I wanted was on sale, nor do I find a skirt I liked will I did but it was on in no  way a sale.

I did purchase rampage sandals and flip flops $9.99 each, a skinny belt could not find the price tag so gave me the sale price of $5.99. Wonderful and then these other unplanned purchases – Yes they were good deals¬†and The Princess in me could not help herself Vince Camatto wedges for $44 (originally $112), Scarf $7.99, cute cropped tee $7.99 and bathing suit top $14.99 originally $24.00 albeit (I do not like the fit¬†even though¬†I tried it on before buying) One of ¬†this things were the price is right and its cute so you thinking I’ll make it work- ehhh I just think the fit was working for my ample bosoms .


So did I spend more then I planned heck yea (not to mention I went to Tj max right after and purchased more items). However, other then the bikini top I do not have buyers remorse and I can return the top with no problem.

My¬†¬†Frugalite persona has been high for the past few weeks because after that min shopping spree a few more entailed mainly for household items some were decorative most were linens ( you can never have to many of those) but still – It’s not a good look where I have to dip into my savings to buy groceries for last week.


I did pay down my credit card as well so taking a bit from savings was not to bad – Have to say what I can to make me feel better ūüôā

Spring Fling!

springflingThis weekend I received my spring fling vox box from influenster. Of course I was super excited as I love freebies. These items will definitely have me spring flining. From Rimmel’s chic mascara to Kisses falsies quick ways to spruce up my look before I head to a date or hot rooftop party. Headed to the gym I’ll give my nose something to swoon in with the air freshner and when mother nature is entering my door – playtex sport will surely come in handy.

Thank you influenster for such a lovely voxbox.


Mini Blue Vase ~ Easy D.I.Y

20140418_153326        As it is spring and I am trying my best to tackle my ever growing lists of projects, get rid of unnecessary clutter and just clean overall. I  was cleaning off my spirit shelf and as usual looked at the blue beer bottle I have had for literally two years now to do a simple project.

I am not a beer drinker but the year before last on NYE pre gaming was at my place. All types of spirits were brought including bud light platinum beer which I do no drink but I saw the bottle and feel in love.
I asked them to save me an empty bottle.
It is now April 2014 and it’s about time I do something with it or gets recycled.


Very simple project
– let bottle sit in warm – very hot water for at least 30mins to ease the removal of stickers.
-remove stickers using  the non sharp edge of knife or scraper
-scrape sticky residue off and wash

After all stickers are removed.

After all stickers are removed.

-add your choice of embellishment Initially planned on tying a simple sheer ribbon around the neck of the bottle of course it was no where to be found so hence the lovely pearls.
-and your choice of flowers I purchased a small bunch of daffodils for trader Joes for 1.99 perfect size for this bottle not to tall.
– Relish in your new simple but fab vase.


Charm Lucky Vase by Richly BRoke

This vase will be in a store near you part of the Charm Lucky Collection. Lol I wish…..